Top Quotes from Warriors Media Day

Top Quotes from Warriors Media Day

And we're back!

Media Day came and went on Monday, marking the unofficial start of the Warriors' 2018-19 season. Training camp tips off on Tuesday, over the course of which Golden State will get themselves ready for their five upcoming preseason games, two of which will take place at Oracle Arena. Among their several duties on Media Day, presented by Kaiser Permanente, the players met with the media to discuss a wide variety of topics, including the team's outlook for the season ahead, the newest additions to the roster and more. Check out some of the top quotes below to find out what each member of the Dubs had to say:

Bob Myers on what will keep the team motivated throughout the long season (Watch Full Interview):

"I think last year we talked a lot about how hard repeating was going to be. And it was hard. And I think Steve and I spoke, and I think he'll tell you when he's up here, I think we're going to try to move out that narrative as far as how hard this all is and it is hard, and rare for us to try and do it again. Raymond's telling me it hasn't -- no team has gone to the finals in 60 years or something crazy five times, I guess. But anyways we're going to try to enjoy it. I know that sounds simple. But the goal is going to be to enjoy this journey this year -- all of it, the highs, the lows, the in between."

"If you enjoy going to work and you're talented and you're in a good culture hopefully good things come of that. So Steve's good of that. Steve's a great captain to lead us in the right direction. He's got a great pulse of what the team needs."

Klay Thompson on "enjoying the ride" (Watch Full Interview):

"I think it just comes with just having a healthy appreciation of the game of basketball and a love for the game that unwavers during tumultuous times, and I think with our team, we're lucky because our best players truly love the game, and it has a trickle-down effect to every single man on this team as well as the front office and the training staff and the coaches. Although you want to look to the future and think, oh, we could cement ourselves as one of the greatest dynasties ever if we do this, you've got to fight that urge as hard as you can because we are very lucky to play on a team that gets the attention we do, especially on the road, going to these different arenas and having a sellout every night is something that we don't take for granted. So that's what I mean about enjoying the ride, just don't try and shortcut it to the Playoffs or the Finals, just try and even this Saturday with our first preseason game, enjoy every minute we get of this attention because it doesn't last forever."

Draymond Green on not being satisfied (Watch Full Interview):

"I mean, I definitely don't approach it like we're playing with house money. We do have three championships. They're all in the past. It's about approaching each year with that same goal and that same mentality. And the point you get to the point where, oh, man, we're just playing house money, we already got it, you're done."

"None of us are ready for this run to come to an end. So we've got to continue to approach it like we've got zero. And that's cliche and impossible to do, but you want to try to get as close to that as you possibly can. And that's my mindset always entering the season."

Andre Iguodala on lessons learned last year that will help moving forward (Watch Full Interview):

"Well, I think we had a lot of injuries and I think it was more injuries than people noticed. So we had to really get over the hump. We had to fight with a lot of things, deal with adjustments with the lineups, it was a lot of the roles were changing from on a nightly basis, one night you may play five minutes and the next night Nick Young was playing 45 minutes. So it was kind of a roller coaster with your role, and I think the culture we've built, guys are able to have the right approach going into every single game. You may not know what your role was tonight but you would embrace whatever it was and we have some times it didn't go well. We had a stretch at the end where four of our starters were out, four All-Stars were out. And I thought that was some of our best basketball. We all said, look, this is the situation; everyone can take advantage of. And just having a right mindset can carry over. You kind of set up good karma for yourself."

Quinn Cook on the differences between this upcoming season and the last (Watch Full Interview):

"Yeah, last year being a two-way for it being the first year the NBA used it, I didn't really know what to expect. The biggest thing with me coming here was just to learn. I wanted to be in a franchise. I knew the synergy between Golden State and Santa Cruz was great, just from playing against Santa Cruz and Golden State. I just wanted to learn as much as possible and stay ready, and obviously I wanted to show everybody that I didn't belong in the G-League, that I belonged in the NBA full time, and any time I got my opportunity up here, I wanted to be ready. I obviously didn't predict four of our All-Stars getting hurt and me playing 40 minutes at a time, but I took advantage of the opportunity. I was blessed to get signed full time, contribute in the Playoffs, and this has been the first summer and the first training camp where I came into something guaranteed. I've never been on anything guaranteed thus far."

"So I slept a little better this summer, but I worked even harder, I worked smarter, and just learning from all these guys, vets in the locker room, has been a big plus for me, as well."

DeMarcus Cousins on what he's learned about himself during the rehab process (Watch Full Interview):

"I'm stubborn as hell. I thought I knew that before, but I'm really starting to realize it now. My drive has only increased. I'm seriously like a madman right now. I think you guys will see a new DeMarcus on the floor. I can't wait to get to that point just to show all the work I have put in, into this injury. I think you'll see it when the product is on the floor."

Shaun Livingston on relating to Cousins' rehab endeavor (Watch Full Interview):

"Yeah, I can. Just, again, it's like -- it's incredibly frustrating because as a player, we all want things right now. It's instant gratification, we want things to happen right away. We're impatient. Patience is not really a strong asset of a lot of guys, especially when you're young. And so it's like, for him, his season started in the summer. His season started a lot sooner than our season started because that's the mentality. Those are the mind games that you have to get ready for, approaching your rehab like it's a game, like it's an actual game, being on the court, being in the weight room. When you don't have 20,000 people around you, when you don't have your teammates pushing you, you're not in the game setting, it's just very difficult to simulate. But it's just as important for him to be able to try to make it back this season to hit his target dates, and then also, too, it's frustrating because you have a way that you want it to go in your mind. He probably wants to come back and be ready for training camp or be ready whatever date it is, and there's a chance that it may not happen. You know, you've got good days, you've got bad days, and you've got to just kind of roll with the punches."

"Whatever I could share with him, with my journey, you know, we've had a little bit of conversation so far, but I'm sure I'll be talking with him just about whatever I've gone through, whatever maybe could help him in his shoes. But he's definitely just got to put the work in, and from everything I've been hearing, he's been doing a good job of doing that."

Stephen Curry on the final season at Oracle (Watch Full Interview):

"This last year is going to be special. This is -- how many years we've played at Oracle, the journey, from some pretty down years to some really entertaining basketball but didn't win much, to now having won three out of the last four, all that happened in Oracle Arena. Our fan base has been tremendously supportive. They've given us a feared place to play in from an opponent standpoint in terms of the noise and the energy and the atmosphere. That's something we really relied on. Honestly, for me, it's my 10th year in the league, that's been my only experience, and it's something that I'll remember for a very long time."

"I think this year is about obviously representing that to the highest honor, celebrating it, trying to go out in style with one more championship, and then obviously turning the page. But right now this year is going to be really, really memorable, and I think we have an extreme opportunity to create a dope story around the last year in Oakland."

Kevin Durant on what he's excited for in the season ahead (Watch Full Interview):

"I'm excited about DeMarcus and this new personality that we've got coming into the team. I'm excited about being there for the young guys like Jacob and Damion and obviously Loon and the young guys that are going to play some minutes for us this year, J.B. I'm looking forward to helping them out as much as possible and learning from them, as well, and taking some of that fresh energy from them, as well, and I look forward to learning from the coaching staff all season. I think if you take it a day at a time, just stay in the present as much as you can, that's what I try to do."

Jacob Evans on if he's had a 'welcome to the NBA' moment yet (Watch Full Interview):

"Yeah, probably the first time KD came and played, just watching him warm up and stuff, going through his routine, shooting routine, and then playing against him in like pickup runs. Just seeing like the level of competition just being that much higher. I've had my welcome-to-the-NBA moment off the court, obviously."

Steve Kerr on Jordan Bell's development (Watch Full Interview):

"Yeah, I think his approach seems more steady. Most rookies are kind of in shock when they understand or when they get to understand how they have to prepare and how it really is a daily routine. And I think most guys make their biggest improvement between their first and second years."

"So I think Jordan has been fantastic all summer. I think the Finals experience and Conference Finals last year probably propelled him to another level. And I think he's ready to take another step. So we're excited about Jordan."

Jordan Bell on the potential of Golden State's younger players (Watch Full Interview):

"I think we could be really good. Obviously the talent we have as far as like the younger guys, like I was in the gym and all with Loon all summer. We've been working out the whole summer. We've definitely improved a lot. I think every year we keep getting better, roles keep expanding, just keep developing as players."

Kevon Looney on the center rotation (Watch Full Interview):

"I think we all bring something different to the table at the center position. Since I've been here we've been playing center by committee. That's what we're going to do to start the season off. DeMarcus is a great talent and when he's coming back we know he's going to take that spot. But until he come back we're going to go out there and do our best and hunt it down. I'm a good rebounder, good on switching screens good defender I'm looking to improve my offense and hopefully I can go out there show what I can do."

Damian Jones on the departure of several veterans (Watch Full Interview):

"It's different. They had a big impact on me they always gave me advice, different things to think about on the court. But not having that now, just have got to remember everything they told me. Try to keep that in mind."

Jonas Jerebko on if he's excited to take the open shot (Watch Full Interview):

"Very. I'm shooting the ball well. I've been shooting the ball well for a few years now. This summer has just been shooting a lot. A lot of 3s. I'm shooting with confidence. So, yeah, if they want to leave me open, I'm going to make them pay. But like I said, I'm a team-first guy. If I get the open shots, I'm going to shoot them. If somebody else comes out then I'll give it to somebody else to shoot it."

"But like I said, I'm going to be definitely ready to shoot and I feel really confident in my shot. I'm knocking it down. So I just want to get started."